2020 will Bring Huge Changes in Cyber Security

  • February 3, 2023
  • admin
  • 3 min read

The businesses which are successful need to create an influential cybersecurity culture.

Safe Connectivity and Digitalization

In 2020 the rise of the fourth industrial revolution towards safe connectivity and digitalizing everything will continue. Although the new connection and technologies support cyber socioeconomics, the risks and cyberattacks from these inventions will also proliferate in numbers and impact hugely on everyone’s life.

Here’s how leaders can adopt useful strategies to build an effective partnership to ensure cybersecurity and digital trust.

Technology Will Become More Accessible

The introduction and launch of new technology will garner new users, which will lead to new cyber risks in 2020. The rise of the 5G network will provide devices and people with broader access. The broadband will become more convenient and useful due to higher speed, which will help in the development and deployment of a full scope of technology such as connected devices, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Since the rising economics will see a rise in its new users also, those people who did not use the internet due to its high prices will also join the internet now. Internet service providers will introduce low-cost devices and affordable plans.

Internet connections will also provide education to remote communities, and for the first time, the internet will be used to offer financial services to under bank and unbanked populations. It will also provide weather information and crop prices to lower the stress for farmers. At the same time, there will also be an increase in disinformation, cyberattacks, and hacking activities.

Business Strategy Will Change

Due to the rise in internet-centric technologies, the cyber strategy, which is also a business strategy, will be firmly applied by organizations from 2020. 68% of the business leaders have agreed that there an increase in cyber-attacks has been observed already. To deal with these threats and risks, the business leaders should acquire new knowledge, processes, and tools to ensure that they are using the data responsibly.

Geopolitics and Cooperation

The identification of proper partnerships will become easy and also very difficult in the coming times. Since the government and business leaders will publicly state their policies towards cyberspace, finding a suitable alliance will become easy. However, it will lead to new challenges relevant to hacking as cyber attackers will be able to view and target everything online.

In Short

2020 will bring new changes to the cybersecurity landscape. These changes are inevitable as the COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to connect by using internet connection while staying at homes. Thus, business organizations and private users will become more focused on implementing cybersecurity measures to evade the increasing risks of cyberattacks.