Apple Users Face Severe Text Bomb Device Crashing

  • March 30, 2023
  • admin
  • 2 min read

The problem occurs when your mobile device tries to display a message notification. If users have configured their iPhone to view a new message notification, which also includes a preview of the message, the iOS fails to render characters correctly, and the system crashes with uncertain results.

The only way to get away from this problem is to reboot your iPhone. But there is always a risk of another booby-trapped notification even after the reboot.

Android users are safe from this text bomb and can get amused by this chaos without any concern.

Some of the earliest reports show that the Text Bomb worked when Sindhi characters had to be used in conjunction with an Italian flag emoji. However, other claims that the Italian flag is not necessary for the device to crash.

This flaw is very irritating because when someone sends users a barrage of text bombs, their iPhone will crash again and again.

Apple has an Interesting Track of Unicode Flaws

If this sounds familiar to you, it is because Apple has had problems with Unicode characters crashing its devices in the past.

In 2013, Mac devices and iPhones could crash only upon reception of a string of Arabic characters.

Also, in 2015, there was an attack called Effective Power, which could lead to remote rebooting of the iPhone when a person sent a sequence of characters via message to the affected device.

In 2018, another incident of Apple device crash was reported. The devices crashed upon attempting to display characters from an Indian language, Telugu. A bug called “chaiOS” could crash iOS and Mac OS with only a single text message.

Text Bomb Device Crashing Will be Solved Soon

The answer to all these problems is that Apple should put a fix in its operations which handle the Unicode symbols.

According to those who have used the latest beta version of iOS, Apple has already incorporated a fix to the problem. The users might be a few days away from the repair. Meanwhile, users are recommended to disable their message preview preferences from the device settings.