Breakdown of Popular Cybersecurity Tools for 2020

  • December 8, 2022
  • admin
  • 2 min read

Every organization should apply proper strategies to maintain security. To make a system, 100% secure is impossible due to the vast scope of threats. Cybersecurity secures the network from unauthorized access and attacks by encrypting the network and protecting the system from the attacks which are executed form endpoints, etc.

Monitoring the environment of the system and identifying the weakness and repairing them before the hacker exploit it is one of the best ways to secure the network.

Here are some of the best cybersecurity tools you can use to secure your system:

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is known as the most common cybersecurity tool. It has at least 300 different tools for security auditing. Organizations use Kali Linux’s various tools to scan their networks and IT systems for weaknesses. Kali Linux can be used by different people with different levels of cybersecurity knowledge as it does not require advanced knowledge of cybersecurity.


This utility is a collection of amazing tools to execute penetration testing exercise. It can be used for many cybersecurity purposes such as identifying weaknesses in the network or system, formulating strategies to make a strong cybersecurity defence, and cybersecurity evaluation. It can also be used to evaluate the security of different systems like web-based apps, networks, and servers, etc.

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel are one of the first cybersecurity tools to check for weaknesses in the Windows operating system. It enables the professionals to find a vulnerability in the password security of systems running on the Windows operating system. It is a free software used for the recovery of a password as well.


It is also known as Ethereal. It is a console-based cybersecurity tool. This tool is useful in analyzing network rules which are used for analyzation of network security in real-time to identify and fix security weaknesses.

Other Popular Cybersecurity tools for 2020

  • John the Ripper

  • Tcpdump

  • Netstumbler

  • Aircrack-ng

  • KisMAC

  • Nmap

  • Nikto

  • Nexpose

  • Paros Proxy

  • Burp Suite

  • Nessus Professional

  • TrueCrypt

  • KeyPass

  • Tor