Critical Points to from CCPA that Demand Attention from Brands

  • February 3, 2023
  • admin
  • 2 min read

At the moment, we are in the pre-enforcement time of the CCPA, and this will allow for operational adjustments. Companies are hoping that this time will let them know what is happening in the relevant countries and around the world to take root with marketers.

Gain Consumer Satisfaction and Trust

The consumers are fed up. They have had enough with companies using their personal information without even concerning them. Now, companies want to stop these creep advertising strategies, and CCPA is one of the ways to go.

For quite some time, some people in the advertising ecosystem were unable to turn CCPA guidelines into their favour. There is a history of industries using people’s personal information for marketing reasons. This personal information is used to make algorithms for programmable digital ads, and people are having a challenging time digesting this fact. There was a virtual discussion between people who wanted to find a way to communicate without exposing their data.

Project REARC will Use Hashed Data

Recently IAB announced project REARC, which ensured to find proper and responsible solutions for collecting data. There was a statement on the annual IAB leadership summit that this new responsible way of collecting data will use hashed emails and phone numbers as identifiers.

Industries Shall Pay More Attention to CCPA

CCPA can serve the industries in the following significant ways:

Become ethically correct and privacy-compliant for consumers’ data collection.

According to a study, 88% of consumers give importance to how their data is going to be used. The CCPA and GDPR are indicators of how this massive amount of information is going to be used, and ignoring these guidelines is a direct violation of consumer trust towards the industry.

Save extra costs fueling cluttered human-driven and technological-based compliance-checking solutions.

These resources can be invested otherwise to bring innovation and create new targeting methodologies that do not exploit a person’s privacy. One example is to use innovative methods such as an anonymous universal ID in clean rooms to extract data without hurting someone’s privacy. Following GDPR and CCPA guidelines can help the brands in gaining consumer trust without putting too many resources in manual privacy management.

In Short

Any brand that prioritizes sustenance and longevity concerning marketing and targeting consumers shall follow the CCPA guidelines carefully to get amazing benefits in the long run.