Cross-Checking Your Organization's PCI DSS-Compliance During Pandemic

  • March 30, 2023
  • admin
  • 2 min read

Since the employee’s homes are replacing the well-maintained offices, these changes have created difficulties for the organization’s compliance, and many organizations are struggling to work this out.

Let’s see how organizations are supposed to follow the PCI DSS rules:

Adapting your hardware to Security Standards

There are many rules provided by PCI DSS that every organization should use to secure their technologies.

They must install and set up a firewall on every device which is in the scope and should update them within 30 days.

An organization can do these things more quickly if the employee always uses work-issued tools because the proper software will already be installed in the devices.

If you are using the laptop from work, this means you can install remote access software. Thus, it will enable the IT team to check whether the hardware is protected or not, and also help the employees who have difficulty in performing their tasks.

Personal WiFi connections and VPN

The organization still may face difficulties because they don’t have control over the employee’s WiFi connection.

Everything the employee has done from home is transferred from the routers. Since the transferred information is no longer the company’s property, a company cannot be sure whether it is secure or not.

The organization can guide the employees on how they can make sure their WiFi is safe. For example, an employee who holds the card information should make sure their internet is strongly encrypted. Moreover, he shall also make sure that the routers don’t use the same password common passwords such as “admin.”

You can also use VPN as an extra layer of security, and it can help in reducing the risks.

Employee Awareness

As we know, the panic and uncertainty of coronavirus are growing. Thus, everyone in your organization must understand the risks and their obligations for securing the data.

In this time, you don’t want to have a data breach, and thanks to PCI DSS, you don’t need to worry. Just follow the rules of PCI DSS.