Navigate your Way through Risk Governance by Using these GRC Tools

  • December 8, 2022
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  • 2 min read

Did you know? Risk Governance is more than simple risk management. The task of risk governance is vast, and it covers the adoption of critical risk management strategies to identify threats and direct the teams to resolve the threats immediately and efficiently. When it comes to GRC management and risk governance, you must adopt a set of services or a GRC platform that not only detects the criticality of breaches but also evaluates multiple redemption options to comply with risk thresholds for any I.T. system.


It is one of the most popular Cloud Software Suite driven by using advanced A.I. for ensuring Cybersecurity and GRC compliance management for companies. What’s even more exciting is that it offers predefined workflows and pre-saved templates for user convenience.

IBM OpenPages

IBM OpenPages is loved by many organisations considering that is a leader among GRC tools leader. The tool not only evaluates operational risks but also helps in policy building and compliance. You can also enjoy other features like I.T. governance of the company and internal audit.

ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance

Businesses can enjoy streamlined digital processes by embedding compliance activities, risk management procedures and automated intelligence by using this tool.

SAI Global Compliance 360

When it comes to risk detection and timely management, SAI Global Compliance 360 works as a great ERM software. It not only detects security gaps and problems on time but also offers directions for business teams to respond to the risks and mitigate threats quickly and easily.

Navex Global RiskRate

It helps you Execute risk management program by utilising screening, centralised onboarding, and continuous third-party monitoring.

MetricStream GRC

Use the MetricStream GRC application to enjoy risk mitigation by deploying a series of useful apps designed by using an Agile Integrated Risk Management Approach.


Companies that are seeking robust enterprise GRC management platforms can hugely benefit from the Comply. Comply offers a flexible control network framework along with tips on how to manage risks and data privacy compliance within the enterprise.

What Do You Think About This Software Tools List? Have you tried out any risk compliance performance software listed above? Is there any governance risk and compliance software you would add to this list? Let us know!