What To Expect From Privacy Laws – Data Privacy Trends in 2020

In recent years, we have seen golden moments of customer's data protection around the world like: • When General data protection law took effect in 2018. • When California's Consumer Privacy Act came was cleared in 2018. It received additional amendments in 2019 and was enforced in 2020. • When data privacy legislation became the focus of many states like New York, Massachusetts During these developments, we even saw two more states pass their privacy laws. With time, more states are looking into proposing privacy legislation. It clearly states that privacy is not going to slow down any time soon.

Data Privacy Law Predictions For 2020:

Expect Significant GDPR Fines

We will see more action from the side of GDPR, which may include hefty fines from GDPR before the end of 2020.

We have witnessed the GDPR take some time to process the situation. But over the next year, many significant investigations made by GDPR in the past will have finalized results. It will not only help us understand the regulators’ interpretation of the GDPR but also how international cooperation will work on GDPR enforcement.

Privacy Laws Will Expand Across The Globe

The data privacy laws all around the world will be updated and implemented to get adequacy from the EU. The prominent countries include Australia, which will update its privacy law and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which will also make changes in its privacy laws. India is also set to pass personal data protection legislation. Other countries will also pass GDPR influenced bills on data protection.

Companies Will Push Back On Data Localization Requirements

Many countries are enforcing data localization requirements, which let the company retain all the data or a partial copy of the personal data in the state of residence of an individual with which the company is doing business. The larger companies with lots of resources will have minimal effect. But the countries which have a role in the global data economy will be strongly affected by it, especially smaller businesses with lower support and the tenderness and promotion of new business in the market.

In Short

Data Privacy Laws will be expanded, revamped and enforced strictly across major regions of the world to support the shifting paradigm of workplace processes and business operations.

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