What You Need to Know About the CGEIT For Seasoned IT Governance Professionals

  • January 8, 2023
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  • 2 min read

The in-person exam of this certification consists of 150 MCQ’s and participants get 4 hours to solve the exam. The location to take the test can be checked on PSI online, and you can also choose a testing location or a KIOSK according to your location. In an exam center, you will take a live exam with other exam takers. But if you want to take an exam in the kiosk, you will receive the paper in a small work station in a managed way. The ISACA provides you more information on both of the exams so that you can choose what is best for you.

What’s on the CGEIT exam?

The exam is organized in five CGEIT domains, which includes:

  • Domain 1: 25% of the exam consists of Framework for the Governance of enterprise IT

  • Domain 2: 20% of the exam consists of Strategic Management

  • Domain 3: 16% of the exam consists of Benefits Realization.

  • Domain 4: 24% of the exam depends on Risk Optimization

  • Domain 5: 15% of the exam depends on Resource Optimization.

CGEIT qualifications

The qualification requirements for CGEIT certification direct the participants to have five years of work experience in the related IT field.

Out of the five years of experience requirement, one year of working experience on behalf of the participant should be in domain one only, which is managing frameworks.

The four years of knowledge should be in the any two out of the other four domains. You don’t need a course to pass the CGEIT; instead, your background and experience are enough for you to give the CGEIT. This certification is for IT professionals who have assurance, management, or advisory role related to the governance of IT and the knowledge and experience required to perform these tasks.

How to prepare for the exam

Your professional experience is the best way to prepare for the CGEIT exam. However, if you still want to polish the knowledge of some domain, you can download the resources from ISACA self-study. You can also join the community of ISACA, where other professionals are also preparing for the exam.