Zoom Encryption Claims are False Or not?

  • December 8, 2022
  • admin
  • 2 min read

In Zoom’s official website, it is stated that Zoom gives its user an end-to-end encryption feature, but the new research by The Intercepts declares that it is not true. Thus, Zoom’s security feature is not reliable.

An interviewer from the trusted sources interviewed Zoom’s Spokesperson on whether or not the meetings which take place through Zoom are end-to-end Encrypted. Zoom’s Spokesperson replied, “Currently, we can not enable such feature on Zoom.” On the other hand, their website states that Zoom is end-to-end encrypted.

TLS Encryption

The encryption used by zoom is TLS, which the same encryption used by web browsers to secure HTTP websites. In simple words, it means your data is encrypted between you and Zoom servers.

On the other hand, the end-to-end encryption means to secure the data of users with no access to the company or its servers. At this time, Zoom is providing no such services; thus, using the term end-to-end encryption is very misleading.

Zoom is using simple TLS encryption for user data protection rather than its acclaimed end-to-end encryption.

However, Zoom declared to our trusted sources that their usage of the term “end-to-end encryption” on their website is not misleading. The company further clarified that the connection betweeZoom’s server and the user’s Zoom application is encrypted, and the data cannot be decrypted because it is transferred through the Zoom Cloud.

Only the text chatting service provided by Zoom has end-to-end encryption, as there are no keys involved to decrypt the messages.


Zoom told our trusted sources that it only uses the user’s data to make its services better. Zoom’s Spokesperson said that no company employee has access to data, and they have no intention to sell user data to any other company. However, Zoom is compelled to deliver the data of meetings for legal requirements.